The DCW Team
(This photo was taken on April 28, 2023, and is missing Rob Farner and Christa)

Meet the DCW Team Members

We work as an amazing family of highly skilled and talented team players!

There are many decades of collective experience in custom design and woodworking among the DCW staff.

Stan Dukeman


Stan founded Dukeman Custom Woodworking, Inc. in 1998 and has assembled an amazing, talented staff to become the best woodworkers in Northeast Florida.

Today, Mr. Dukeman and his team of artisans are the region’s premiere resource for the highest quality custom cabinetry and furnishings for interior designers, contractors, and homeowners.

He treats every project as if it is for his own home, with a devotion to customer service from conception through design, construction, installation, and finishing that is tailored to your exact specifications.

Stan's passion for exceptional products rubs off on his employees, and this is the favorite part of his job.  He is thrilled to be a leader in the industry!

Kenneth Rampersad

Lead Builder and Stan's "Can-Do Man"

Kenneth started work at DCW just a few months after moving from NYC to Jacksonville and is the oldest employee besides Stan, employed in July 2005.  Originally from Trinidad, he began working in the woodworking industry in 1978 when he was just 11 years old, before relocating to the U.S.

Mr. Rampersad is the only current employee that Stan kept on during the 2008 recession when DCW was down to a few hard-working team members.  He is now proud to be working in a better, expanded shop and to be part of an eight-member team consisting of rehired and new employees.

Getting to the workplace is the most challenging part of his employment and he believes that when you enjoy what you do, work is “not a job” but an integral part of a healthy attitude and lifestyle.

Kenneth loves to work from scratch, being Stan's lead builder and "Can-Do Man" of the highest quality product of its kind in Northeast Florida.  He welcomes new custom designs to hone his ever-expanding skillset.

Philip Bernstein

Lead Custom Designer, Project Manager, and Salesperson

Dukeman Custom Woodworking is proud to have Philip on board exclusively as its Lead Designer.  He lived in Gainesville for 33 years before moving to Jacksonville in 2007 and has worked with DCW since 2012 as a designer, after starting with Stan's team in the building stage of custom woodworking.

Philip has been employed with top woodworkers but found a home designing some of the exquisite woodworking that DCW achieves throughout the entire "home-scaping" process.

Mr. Bernstein is active in every stage of production, from measuring to finishing the installation.  Philip’s favorite thing about this job is seeing his designs crafted with the extra care and personal attention to detail that Stan and his crew deliver.

He loves that DCW products are made with only the finest materials and are skillfully built, installed, and finished to be worthy of the client's anticipation for designs that are appreciated to the highest extent.

Stan not only gained a top-quality designer but an artist as well since Philip is a Fine Art and Architecture major from the University of Miami.  He has many talents in drawing, illustrating, and painting in addition to 14 years of high-end woodworking experience that is still explored in personal projects performed during his spare time.

Kim Floyd

Custom Designer, Project Manager, and Salesperson

Kim received an A.S. Degree in Interior Design in 2018 and has been working with the DCW team since January 2019.  Prior to working with Stan, she worked with a local credit union and finished her time at the firm serving as the Accounting Manager.

Her love for interiors and decorating began as a child when going to model homes with her mother, where she tried to figure out how the furniture worked in their small spaces.

In high school, Kim was enrolled in a 4-year upholstery program, with a semester devoted to Interior Design, and there the dream of becoming an Interior Designer began.  Mrs. Floyd's dream was finally realized when she began working with Stan's team of expert creators.

She works face-to-face with clients to learn about and delve into some of the wonderful designs they expect from the exceptional reputation Dukeman Custom Woodworking has as a leader in the industry.

Kim enjoys being able to create custom cabinetry and furniture pieces for DCW clients. Helping her customers realize their dreams for their space, working with the finest details that ensure everything fits perfectly, and the rewarding Act of Creating is Kim’s passion.

Kirk Enno

Assistant Manager, Builder, Finisher, Installer, and Stan's "Touch-Up Guy"

Kirk has been employed with Dukeman Custom Woodworking since 2020, however, he has nine years of experience working in many positions within the cabinetry industry.

He has worked extra hard to be a valuable leader as an Assistant Manager, Designer, Builder, Helper, Hardware Finisher, Deliverer, Installer, and Stan's "Touch-Up Guy."

As a multifaceted employee, he is instrumental in DCW's quality control. Kirk's strong attention to minute details and many years of customer service experience allows him to perform in multiple areas and help Stan's crew create only top-quality products with a high-end finish.

Mr. Enno has built outstanding European-style face frame cabinets and butcher block countertops in his impressive woodworking career. In addition, he performs excellent on-site finishing touch-up duties as well as skilled workmanship in every cabinet refacing project.

Kirk is currently being trained in Production Management. He looks forward to working many more exciting years of learning new skills with the DCW team, continuing to meet every client's need, and exceeding the vision of custom woodworking in your home environment and workspaces.

Nicholas Mano-Javera

Deliverer, Finisher, and Installer

Nicholas has eight years of cabinetry building and installation experience. He loves his job and is thrilled by the comradery found within the family of Stan’s staff that he happily joined in early 2023.

Besides getting along well with his co-workers, a favorite thing about Mr. Malo-Javera’s job is seeing the exceptional quality of finished custom-designed woodwork created by him and fellow self-starters and creators.

He works extremely hard through every activity involved with every step of a project knowing that he will experience a feeling of excitement when a job is well done.

This is the time when Nicholas sighs with relief knowing the elevated level of satisfaction clients receive from their unique projects within their spaces.  DCW achieves this through excellence in custom workmanship with only the highest quality supplies that are expertly installed at every job site.

Charles Hedrick

Cabinetry Builder, Finisher, and Installer

Charles relocated to Jacksonville from Gainesville in 2021, when he joined the DCW family and found himself working with the best team imagined.

He attended the University of Florida and became a proud Gator who studied varied techniques of drawing, graphic design, multi-media, and oil painting that are taught in the institution's renowned College of Fine Arts.

A favorite aspect of his employment with DCW is working with Shaker-style hardwood cabinetry.  Of course, he appreciates the outstanding level of comradery practiced daily by his teammates.

Mr. Hedrick excels at sharpening problem-solving skills by using varied construction methods to achieve the top-quality finished products which Stan’s crew is known to create.  In addition, bringing the designers' visions to life is extremely rewarding and is treated as if it were therapy prescribed for a rewarding work life.

Rob Farner

Custom Designer, Builder, Finisher, and Installer

Bio and Photo to Come


Design Assistant

Christa is the new student intern at DCW.